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Why Shimla Is Favourite Honeymoon Destination Of Indian?

Getting married is a huge celebration of the love and coming together of two individuals and their families, an exciting life event. These celebrations for the couple continue after the wedding because it is a tradition to go on a honeymoon. The best thing about the honeymoon is a combination of excitement, fun, and crazy things people do to make it a lifetime memory. But for some couples, the real struggle is to pick the ideal honeymoon destination, while others have already decided on a place they’ve always wanted to visit. And if you’re wondering how to choose the best honeymoon destination in this confusing situation, you’re not alone, guys; just take a deep breath because we can help you find a perfect destination.

Oh, my, MY! SHIMLA is a romantic honeymoon destination in North India that offers countless reasons to melt into each other’s arms. There are beautiful waterfalls, hiking, numerous lookout points, and much more. We have jotted down the six most breathtaking honeymoon destinations that give you all the reasons to book your Shimla Honeymoon Packages. Take a look.

6 Best Honeymoon Places to Visit in Shimla For Couples


Express your love for your spouse while enjoying Kufri’s most beautiful scenery. It is among India’s most well-liked travel destinations because of its majestic scenery and serene beauty. Here, you can spend time close to nature and enjoy a pleasant climate.

Kufri in Shimla is a well-liked destination because of its sports, where adventurous couples would have a great time. There is a natural park in the Himalayas where you can find a wide variety of plant and animal species. Additionally, Kufri offers comfortable lodgings with fantastic views of the snow-capped peaks. Book your Holiday Packages For Shimla and discover Shimla like never before.

Distance from Shimla: 15 kilometers/01 hour (approx)

Things to do in Kufri:

  • Horse Riding, Ice Skating and Trekking.
  • You can enjoy Zip-lining with go-karting at Kufri fun world and flying fox at Hip-Hip Hurray amusement park.

Chadwick Falls


Do you like Waterfalls? Well, who doesn’t?

So, visit Chadwick Falls in Shimla for a romantic honeymoon. Couples can spend romantic moments away from the crowds at this getaway in Shimla. Chadwick Falls is an ideal location for modern couples who enjoy photography and travel blogging to rekindle their romance amidst lush vegetation.

The cascades descend from a height of 86 meters (approx). If you’re an adventurous couple, then spice up your romantic hikes with your better half by going for a stroll. This location will enthrall you with its beautiful views of the snow-covered peaks of the great Himalayas and majestic surroundings. Rejuvenate and relax with your spouse in the serene setting of the waterfall. Book Shimla Tour Packages and make your best trip ever.

Distance from Mall Road: 6 kilometers/20 minutes (approx)

Things to do in Chadwick Falls:

  • Nature walk and Sightseeing

Places to visit around Chadwick Falls:

  • Lutru Mahadev Temple and Summer Hill.

Jakhu Temple

Chadwick Falls

What else can be a better way to begin your married life with Lord Hanuman’s blessings? Visit the Jakhu Temple and Seek God’s blessings for a long and happy marriage.

The temple, Jakhu Temple or Shri Hanuman Mandir (Jakhoo), is devoted to the powerful lord Hanuman. There is a giant 108 feet (approx) statue of lord Hanuman. It is a wonderful location to be in during the blessed festival of Dussehra. According to the epic Ramayana, this temple or location is where Lord Hanuman rested while looking for the Sanjivini Booti for Lord Lakshmana. When you arrive at the temple, you will immediately sense Bajrangali’s enormous blessing. Trekking is a great way to combine adventure and spirituality on your honeymoon.

Distance from Mall Road: 2 kilometers/8 minutes (approx)

Things to do:

  • Seek blessings, enjoy panoramic views, and Attend prayers.

Places to visit around Jakhu Temple:

  •  Mall Road, Christ Church, and The Ridge

Scandal Point

Scandal Point is the intersection of The Mall Road and The Ridge. Take your spouse to this viewpoint so you can both enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Take a stroll to Scandal Point with your partner to see the sunrise and sunset. This place has an intriguing, however loving tale, which couples would love to know.

The Maharaja of Patiala and the Viceroy’s daughter are central figures in this enthralling tale. They initially met here and quickly fell in love with one another. When the Viceroy learned of this, he became angry and banned the Maharaja from entering Shimla.

Later, he built himself a new summer residence in Chail. Additionally, there is a Maggie Point where newlyweds can enjoy a mouthwatering Maggie while admiring the mountain views.

Distance from shimla bus stand: 650 kilometers/ 3 minutes (approx)

Things to do at Scandal Point:

  • Witness the sunrise and sunset, rejuvenate and relax, and you can take a picture of yourself and your partner wearing traditional Himachal attire.

Places to visit: 

  • Tour the Scotland Church

Summer Hill

Shimla is a cluster of seven hills, and Summer Hill is one of them, which is blessed with a picturesque setting and a breathtaking view. This is a well-liked destination for couples to visit during the Shimla honeymoon and to rejuvenate amidst nature. The relaxing environment, diverse flora, and fauna make this the ideal romantic getaway for newlyweds.

You can enjoy Trekking, nature hikes, and viewing beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It is the ideal getaway that will last in memory for a lifetime. The carpets of lush green nature and the breathtaking views are the highlights of this location. Explore the destination with one of our Shimla Tour Packages.

Distance from Shimla Ridge: 6 kilometers/ 20 minutes (approx)

Things to do at the Summer Hill:

  • Rejuvenating, Trekking, and Walking

Naldehra Peak

Summer Hill

Naldehra Peak, which is blessed with lush greenery and pleasant weather, is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Shimla. The elevation of Naldehra is 7,200 feet (approx.), and thus the climate here is always pleasant. You will be able to spend quality time together away from the crowds and soak in the tranquility of this location. In Naldehra, you can visit ancient temples, go on trekking trails, and enjoy pony rides with your sweetheart.

The breathtaking scenery will awaken your senses and make your trip unforgettable. Climb to the peak while holding your companion’s hand and enjoy the journey, which is worthwhile to see the city’s lovely setting. You can explore the best Shimla Holiday packages to savor the breathtaking scenery and create priceless memories with your special someone.

Distance from shimla: 23 kilometers/ 1 hours (approx)

 Things to do at Naldehra and Places to Visit: 

  • Playing golf at Golf Course, sunset gazing at vantage points, and dining in the revolving restaurant – The Chalets Naldehra.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of the journey. The pristine beauty and pleasant climate of Shimla are well-known. Tourists frequently visit this most popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh throughout the year to enjoy their vacation. You can participate in various activities and visit several locations while visiting Shimla. You can plan your trip effectively and create lasting memories with the help of this list of the top attractions in Shimla. Spend some amazing time with your loved ones by including these places on your Shimla itinerary.

Yashvi Tours and Travels offers the best Shimla Tour Packages For Couples. So, Make Your Tour Unforgettable. We promise to provide you with a memorable Shimla experience while considering all your wishes and needs.