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Permanent residence – PR

Permanent residence refers to a person’s legal resident status in a country or territory where they are not a citizen but have the right to live indefinitely. This is usually for a long time a permanent resident is someone who has this legal status.


  • The Government of Canada, provinces, and territories (P/Ts), and Employers will have a direct role in
    economic immigration.
  • After getting P R You can do any job.
  • Express Entry candidates with a valid job offer or P/T nomination will quickly be invited to apply for
    permanent residence.
  • CIC will be able to select candidates that are most likely to succeed in Canada, rather than the first in line.
  • Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times of eight months or less.*
  • All Category candidates can apply.
  • A Master Degree will add more points.
  • IELTS Higher score will add more Points.
  • Education-related Experience not required.
  • You can get PR with your family.
  • Candidates can apply for PR under multiple programs at a time.
  • Saskatchewan (SINP) Program / Saskatchewan SINP Program Canada.
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Now there is a big demand list and so everyone can.
  • Apply for nomination*.
  • One can apply for both Express & PNP.
  • 5 or More Band IELTS will help you to Qualify for PR.
  • Relative staying in the province may Sponsor you to qualify for PR.
  • SINP: 3-month-old Fund requirement Applicant: Approx. $ 13000 Each Dependent: Approx. $ 3500
  • Manitoba (PNP) Program / IELTS Training Classes in Ahmedabad
  • 5 Band IELTS will help you to Qualify for PR.
  • Must have a relative or friend staying in the province to Sponsor you to qualify for PR.
  • A person from a Regional area will add more bonus points.
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program / Federal Skilled Trade Program Canada.
For Qualify, Applicants Will Need To Have:
  • The applicant should get a job offer from CANADA as it is a skilled program that originated in Canada and
    for being a permanent skilled worker in Canada, the applicant must get a job offer because the Federal
    Skilled Trade Program is a program meant for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents
    on the basis of their qualification in a skilled trade.
  • The applicant who is willing to apply for the Federal Skilled Trade Program must pursue a certificate of
    qualification from a province or territory in that skilled trade. This is a compulsion for all the applicants.
  • IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System should be general 5.0 is required for
    any applicant to qualify for the Federal Skilled Trade Program as this program makes sure that the
    applicant has a grasp of English or French. The applicant applying for the Federal Skilled Trade Program
    must have an experience of minimum two years of full-time work experience before applying into the
    Federal Skilled Trade Program. It is not mandatory to have full-time work experience, the applicant also
    has part-time work experience but it should be of minimum two years in order to qualify for this program.