Top 7 Amazing Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Great scenic beauty and delicious food is an unbeatable combination. Does the smell of chicken tikka and Biryani pull you towards a restaurant? Those who are looking for Indian food in Sri Lanka especially in Colombo, this is a gem for you. We are here to guide you some of the authentic Indian food you can try while in Colombo.

Colombo, the capital of Sri lanka, is known for its flavourful spices, scrumptious food and aromatic tea. Well, yes! You read that right. Apart from the scenic beaches and breathtaking landscapes, Colombo also offers an extensive variety of cuisines. Some people prefer to try traditional cuisines of each new country that they visit, others cannot survive without having meals they were used to.

Two such popular cuisines in Sri lanka include Indian and Chinese dishes. The capital of this country-Colombo-is filled with several Indian restaurants. Whether you are craving for butter naans and masala tikkis of North India or Dosa sambhar of South India, you will find many Indian restaurants in Colombo serving a variety of delicious Indian dishes.

Don’t you want to fly to the country already and start exploring the restaurants? Now let’s have a look at the top 7 Indian restaurants in Colombo and get you sorted for some great dining experience.

1. Kandoori


Kandoori - Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kandoori is a famous Indian restaurant in Colombo serving Indian, Chinese, Western and Sri Lankan cuisine at reasonable prices. Here, the food is delicious, and most visitors have reviewed their staff to be quite helpful and attentive. This is a family-friendly restaurant. The most famous dish of this restaurant is Briyani along with other delicacies such as Nasi Goreng, Naan bread, Chinese dishes, Indian curries, and Thai dishes. The restaurant also serves large and filling portions, where two can share one dish. This spacious eatery is housed in a welcoming ambience and is always kept clean & well-lit.

Location: 17 Charlemont Road, Colombo-06, Sri Lanka

Price range: LKR 1750
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2. Spice Coast


Spice Coast - Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Spice Coast restaurant is located on the marine drive in Colombo and has widespread cuisines to offer such as Indian, Asian, Thai and Sri Lankan. This restaurant is known for its remarkable customer service as well as appetising food. Here the staff are very polite and attentive. Some of the items include curries, salads, noodles, rice, various soups, desserts and beverages such as coffee, tea, and fruit juices; with hot butter cuttlefish, chicken biryani, and chilli crabs being some of the specialities. This is the perfect place for you as you can enjoy the beach view along with your delicious meal.

This simple, clean and well-lit restaurant can house about 25-30 people at a time. The prices are quite affordable. So, have a craving for Indian or Chinese cuisine? Then, Spice Coast is a decent place to visit.

Location: 39 Shrubbery Garden Road, Colombo-04, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 1000
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3. Maharaja Palace


Maharaja Palace - Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Serving an array of Indian cuisine ranging from the famous spicy Delhi chaat to Hyderabadi chicken biryani, Maharaja Palace in Colombo can be best described as classy and extravagant. It is one of those family dining or Desi dates where you can enjoy some flavourful variety of Indian spice from their menu. There is also a bar at the back serving an impressive collection of wines. Maharaja Palace has an extremely well-mannered and friendly staff as you can get excellent and quick service.

Location: 1A Rajakeeya Mawatha, Colombo-07, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 2500
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4. Indian Summer Restaurant


Summer Restaurant - Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

This Restaurant started off in Colombo and grew to branch out into 2 other cities namely Nuwara Eliya and Beruwala. It is famous for its delicious and finest North Indian cuisine and serves both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian diet food. The must try items on their food menu is dum aloo, butter naan, tandoori chicken, meat dishes, mutton kebab, biryani, rotis and the curries. They also serve other Asian and fusion cuisines. The Indian Summer Restaurant is rated one among the top 10 Indian restaurants in Colombo as it is best known for its impeccable service and its warm and elegant ambiance. Also it has a Shisha Lounge located in a cosy garden cafe and a banquet hall for celebrating special occasions.

Location: 11 Palm Grove, Colombo-03, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 1750
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5. Agra Restaurant


Agra Restaurant - Indian Restaurants In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Agra Indian Restaurant is a well-known place for serving North Indian cuisine in Colombo. The must-try dishes such as Indian mixed grill, naan and curries, saffron kulfi ,baingan ka bharta and kebabs. The chefs at this restaurant hail from North India and hence, the food here is extremely delicious as they have a knack in making the dishes taste better. This fine-dine restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere coupled with ambient lighting and live instrumental Indian music in the background. The restaurant setting is perfect for every occasion ranging from a romantic date to family dinner.

Location: 100, 10 Sri Lanka Foundation Mawatha, Colombo-07, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 2250
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6. Thalis Restaurant Indian Vegetarian Cuisine


Thalis Restaurant Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Located on the Park Road, Thalis Restaurant Indian Vegetarian Cuisine is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Colombo. This massive place serves both North Indian as well as South Indian food. It is famous for the well known Thails-a silver coloured plate filled with varieties of delectable curries, rice and rotis. The staff are well capable of taking the customers through their menu by suggesting the best selling food items. The ambiance of this restaurant is simple, decent and well maintained.

Location: 05, 155 Park Road, Colombo-05, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 750

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7. Navratna Restaurant – Taj Samudra Hotel


Navratna Restaurant - Taj Samudra Hotel

Offering the finest Indian dining experiences in Colombo, Navratna is one of the luxurious Indian restaurants in Colombo situated in the 5-star Taj Samudra Hotel. Featuring a Mughal ambience, this place is filled with sitar and drum players playing soulful music in the background. The staff working here are amicable and quick.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind when you visit this restaurant. Always ensure prior reservations before visiting the restaurant as it gets pretty packed most of the time. There are a lot of must-try dishes here and some of them are the prawn and dum biryani, paneer, tandoori, lagoon crabs accompanied with naan, and desserts. Given that it is located in a 5-star hotel, this restaurant is on the pricey side so you might want to look at their food prices before going if you have any budget restraints; though the authentic taste of the dishes definitely makes up for the price.

Location: Taj Samudra Hotel, No 25 Galle Face Center Road, Colombo 80000, Sri Lanka

Price Range: LKR 2500

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