Maldives- A Pristine Paradise of Sun, Sand and Sea

Maldives: A Pristine Paradise of Sun, Sand and Sea

Picture a tropical paradise and you’re probably imagining the Maldives. Those islands make the perfect definition for a tropical island. Sunny beaches with soft white sand and blue seas full of colorful fish, surrounded by green islands covered by palms moving softly because of wind coming from the sea – this is what Maldives looks like.

There are approximately 1200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean which make up the Maldives where vacationers enjoy one of a kind experience not seen in other places in the world. This piece of paradise is for everyone looking for either blissful relaxation or thrilling escapades. Expect to enjoy unforgettable moments as we explore the most coveted places. If you are planning to travel to the Maldives then checkout this amazing  maldives tour packages.

Male ought to be visited by any visitor to the Maldives to complete the full experience. The capital and cultural heart of the country is well known for its lively markets and mosques adorned with intricate designs as well as for the National Museum which tells us about the rich heritage of Maldives in an interesting way. Walk along its busy streets enjoying such local dishes as mas riha(smoked fish salad), which is very delicious.

Bioluminescent Beach: A Magical Night Time Spectacle


The bioluminescent beach on Mudhdhoo Island is a spectacle in the Maldives that will captivate you from the start. Waves crash on the shore, leaving behind trails of glowing water which seem almost alive themselves while millions of phytoplankton light up the coastline making it look like something As darkness falls, a mesmerizing display lights up the heavens.On the nighttime walk, shining like stars below us as we enjoyed this wondrous sight – we saw the sand sparkle beneath our feet and never forgot it as long as we lived.

Banana Reef: An Underwater Wonderland

Banana Reef An Underwater Wonderland

Banana Reef is a must-visit if you are hoping for an unforgettable underwater experience through snorkeling or diving. Fish schools of varying colors move swiftly amid the aquatic environment at this energetic coral reef. Turtles, reef sharks, and incredible manta rays also tend to appear as they swim past the banana reef. Therefore, it is said that Banana Reef is a ‘heaven’ for those who snorkel and also participate in diving.

Utheemu: A Step Back in Time


Get away from modern life and into a village as old as Rome but located in the Maldives (Utheemu island). This is where you will come across historical mosques alongside some of the most ancient sultan palaces dating back centuries and a lifestyle that has hardly changed since what seems like time immemorial. Walk along small streets or speak with residents who are quite cordial then feel real Maldivian culture.”

Baros Island: Luxury Redefined
Baros Island- Luxury Redefined.

Visitors who desire the most luxurious experience should look no further than Baros Island which is an epitome of exclusiveness and sophistication.  The resort which is tucked away on a virgin private island contains water villas with private pools, lavish spa treatments and eminent dining experience among other things.  During day time you can lounge on white sandy beaches, snorkel in laid back turquoise atolls or just ponder about existence in your own wood grove.

Regardless of what islands you decide to visit, an exciting adventure filled with beauty, culture, and memories awaits you in the Maldives long after your sunscreen wears off.

Crafting  Your Dream Maldives Escape

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